Latina Faces in Technology Careers

Latina computer.png

Lately, the abundance of future jobs in technology has gained a lot of attention. The question of who will have the education and training to fill those jobs looms large. Broadening participation in the technology sector to include historically underrepresented people, such as women and people of color, is key. TECHNOLOchicas is a media campaign to attract Latinas to IT careers. It puts Latina faces on real stories of women who work in technology. 

The images and voices are inspiring. Take a look at the videos. What media clips would you create to do something similar for your program?

Social Injustice in STEM Careers: Let's Look at the Numbers

In honor of Black History month, let's ponder how the experience of African Americans, Latinos, and women plays out in STEM Careers. What do the numbers tell us?

Landivar's 2013 report analyzes the lack of parity and trends in recent decades using U.S. Census data. For example, nearly half as many Blacks worked in STEM jobs as participated in the workforce overall in 2011. The graphs and charts make clear the discrepancies for African-Americans, Latinos, and women in the high-paying jobs the fields of science, engineering, computer science, and social sciences.

 What are we doing for social justice to change how we live together?