Where Undergraduates Publish Their Research

As my son starts his senior year in high school and Austin returns to traffic as usual with the return of UT students, I’m reminded that many students have just wrapped up their summer research projects. Colleges and universities are rich with work needing a place to be published. 

While browsing the internet recently, I found a resource on the website of Duquesne University for students looking to publish their research. It's an annotated bibliography under "Journals for Undergraduates – View a list of journals," a pdf that anyone can download. The list includes publications from the sciences to the humanities, from sustainability to creativity, from neurology to ethnography. The list is comprehensive and might help some students find an unexpected outlet for their work.

In my own backyard, a client cued me to UT Austin's own list of places where undergraduates can publish the research. That list includes places to publish that are internal to UT, some external resources, and ways to find still others.

Take a look and please let me know if any of your students publish in one of these journals.