Insights with Clarity and Focus

I start with quality in the questions asked, criteria set for evaluating, which has implications for quality in the evidence. What you gain is insight you can use. My passion forms the base, passion for helping you succeed and passion for what I do.




  • Guidance as you clarify the goals and vision of your project.
  • Help in spelling out your program theory and logic model.
  • Criteria for your expected outcomes to assess impacts and outcomes.

Collecting Evidence

  • Protocols for observations, interviews and focus groups, surveys, checklists, and rubrics.
  • Needs assessments, case studies, and site visits. 
  • Qualitative data analysis from interviews, focus groups, surveys, observations, documents, and media.
  • Quasi-experimental and experimental study designs.
  • Descriptive and analytic statistics.

Making Sense of Results

  • Informal, as-needed feedback and conversations about evidence and implications.
  • Formal technical reports customized to project needs.
  • Optimal data visualization and graphical representation.


Formative Evaluation

You gain ongoing feedback to make improvements as your project progresses, especially useful for new projects.

Summative Evaluation

You learn about long-term impacts of your project, its sustainability, transferability to other settings, and overall worth.

Applied Research

You gain evidence of patterns and predictions from controlled studies of variables and processes.